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Trailer Forensic Security Marking System

The UK's most trusted theft deterrent for your Trailer.


Tech Overview: TE Warning Labels | Datadots® with DNA | RFID Transponders

Thieves know that it is relatively easy to change the identity of a trailer, and there are many organised gangs who are able to steal the vehicle from your driveway in minutes! Thieves frequently target trailers because they are quick and easy to steal and not easily identified. Sometimes the trailer is only taken for its load i.e. yacht or personal watercraft.

The state of the art Datatag system consists of tiny electronic transponders or tags, as well as our Datadot® microdot security system. The trailer system also includes a pair of tamper evident visible ID plates to further deter theft.

Datatag is designed to covertly and overtly mark your vehicle for life. Once thieves see the Datatag warning decals on your property they usually go looking for an easier target. The criminal fraternity realise that being caught red-handed with Datatagged property means they will be prosecuted, and it is a fact that every court case in which Datatag has been used as evidence has led to a prosecution! A 100% success rate.

Datatag is inexpensive and built to protect your trailer for life. Datatag gives you the chance to fight back against crime!

Many manufacturers already provide Datatag as standard or an optional extra. Trailer systems are also available to the general customer.

Datatag Trailer Insurance

Datatag Trailer Insurance provide an exclusively tailored trailer insurance package that offers comprehensive insurance cover for all types of trailer. Cover can include, but is not limited to, box van trailers, flatbed trailers, transport trailers, tipping trailers or horse trailers. Our policy is so broad in coverage that we cater for almost any kind of trailer. Insurance discounts of up to 20% are applicable. To submit a request for a quote, click the link below:

Datatag Trailer System Technology Overview

Trailer Technology


No, the transponders contain no batteries or other service parts and will last for many decades.
Datatag supply scanners free of charge to Police Forces and other official bodies on demand. Thousands of scanners have now been issued and we continue to supply these.
Datadots are transparent microscopic plastic discs (less than 1mm in diameter) printed with a unique alpha numeric code and listing Datatag's telephone number. There are hundreds within the system and they are applied in hidden places on your property. Only one is required to prove ownership therefore a thief would have to be 100% confident that they had found and removed every single one to avoid detection and prosecution.
No, a Datatag system is designed to make it easier to identify the rightful owner of a stolen item once it has been recovered. It can not be used to physically track an item.
Yes, Datatag are accredited to the strictest database standards including ISO:9001 and LPS 1224 (The recognised standard for database security) and are a "Police Preferred Specification - Secured by Design" company accredited and supported by NPCC (National Police Chiefs Council) and the Home Office. Datatag do not share confidential data with anyone unless for security reasons - we may occasionally communicate with customers to keep information up to date, something which is critical in the fight against crime.
Yes, replacement parts are available to purchase directly from Datatag ID Ltd. Simply call Datatag Monday - Friday, 9am- 5pm on 03 450 700 440.
The Datatag membership is transferable, and for a small re-registration fee, the new keeper can have their name and address added to the secure Datatag database.
Please advise the Police immediately, then contact Datatag quoting your membership number and the crime report number the Police have given you, and we will flag a warning against your vehicle on our database.

Datatag - A unique layered approach to crime prevention and asset identification