Cycle UV System

Cycle UV Forensic Security Marking System

The UK's most trusted theft deterrent system for your bicycle.


What is it?

The system consistes of multi-layered security marking technology - View Video

  • Visible and stealth identification technology marks your whole bike
    (not just your frame but valuable components such as forks, wheels, etc.)
  • Easy to install and simple online registration

Why fit it?

True identification of ownership with registration specific to you

  • Acts as a true deterrent to theft
    (thieves will generally target bikes that don’t have Datatag fitted)
  • Aids the Police in recovery and identification of ownership
    (with thousands of bikes stolen each year most are never returned to their rightful owners - a Datatag system can overcome this problem)

Unique benefits of having the system installed on your bike

  • Potential insurance premium saving
    (many insurance companies offer reductions when fitted with Datatag)
  • Lifetime protection / One low cost / NO hidden or monthly fees
  • Easy transfer of ownership

Further Description

At a time when bike interest is at its highest for many years, so unfortunately is bike theft with over 500,000 cycles reported stolen each year. A figure which hides the true picture as over half of all cycles stolen are from homes, a crime listed as a burglary, and many more go unreported. See more

The increasing trend of breaking down modern high end bikes to sell on the components means protecting an entire bike, and not simply the frame, is vital in the fight against crime. This is where DATATAG, security experts already trusted to provide the technology behind many official industry schemes come in.

The UV "Stealth" system offers a multi-layered approach to cycle security. Recent theft figures for all cycles marked with the new Datatag Stealth systems indicate a theft rate of just 0.5%. This is an incredible result as according to the police the historic average is 10%, with suggesting it's actually as high as 20%. The Police recover thousands of cycles each year but due to a lack of crime reporting and a lack of owner registration many are simply sold at auction and never returned to their rightful owners. A Datatag system will not only help deter theft but will also help in reuniting you should your bike be stolen and recovered as it provides undeniable proof of ownership.

The Datatag Forensic Security Marking System offers premier identifiers combined with probably the most comprehensive database of its kind in the market today. Equally importantly, Datatag works with the Police to back up the product and provides free database access on a 24/7 basis as well as technical training. Owners of Datatagged cycles can also benefit from reduced premiums from some of the major insurers.

Recent statistics show a Datatag protected cycle is 40 times less likely to be stolen!

For cycle security there is only one choice.

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Datatag Cycle System Technology Overview

Cycle UV Technology

Cycle Theft Facts

MYTH: Police never find stolen bikes...
FACT: The Police recover many thousands of stolen bikes every year. But with no link to owners many are sold at auction and not returned.

MYTH: Expensive bikes are sold on through unscrupulous dealers or on line...
FACT: Expensive bikes become parts within hours of being stolen and frames are junked. Components, often more valuable than frames, are sold with zero risk to thieves as they have no identifying marks or numbers. Recovery rates as low as 5% supports this evidence.

MYTH: You can identify your bike on line when the thief tries to sell it!...
FACT: Even if you do find your stolen bike on line, proving that it is actually your bike is very difficult - often impossible - so trying to get police to take action is very hard.


Most cycles are stolen by professional criminals. Even the latest chains and locks do not always deter criminals although the more measures you take - the better. It's therefore essential that all cycles are protected and registered with a Datatag security system. This is because the majority of cycles stolen are stripped down for their parts and sold off separately. Criminals know it's virtually impossible to defeat the multi-layered Datatag system and as such Datatagged assets become too risky.
The UV "stealth" etchings protect and deter theft of valuable frames and forks. The benefits of using UV etching is that the unique code and Datatag's 24/7 contact details are still permanently etched into the frame but now, because they are only visible under ultra violet light, don't deface the appearance of the cycle - a perfect combination.
No, a Datatag system is designed to make it easier to identify the rightful owner of a stolen item once it has been recovered. It can not be used to physically track an item.
Yes, Datatag are accredited to the strictest database standards including ISO:9001 and LPS 1224 (The recognised standard for database security) and are a "Police Preferred Specification - Secured by Design" company accredited and supported by NPCC (National Police Chiefs Council) and the Home Office. Datatag do not share confidential data with anyone unless for security reasons - we may occasionally communicate with customers to keep information up to date, something which is critical in the fight against crime.
The Datatag membership is transferable, and for a small re-registration fee, the new keeper can have their name and address added to the secure Datatag database ensuring continuity of protection for the new owner.
Please advise the Police immediately, then contact Datatag on 03450 700 440 quoting your membership number and the crime report number the Police have given you, and we will flag a warning against your vehicle on our database.

Datatag - A unique layered approach to crime prevention and asset identification