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THE ART OF IDENTIFICATION Like all of the best inventions and ideas, the concept of Datatag is simple but utilizes state of the art identification technologies to permanently mark and protect your property. Datatag makes your vehicles and property identifiable to the Police in such a way that is virtually impossible for a thief to defeat therefore, the risk involved in stealing this marked property becomes high to the criminals who tend to avoid stealing the property in the first place.

Criminals prefer to steal property where they can easily remove or change the original manufacturer's identification numbers or marks. Tampering with these important identification numbers makes the stolen property less likely to be identified and hinders the police in tracing the real owner.

Datatag changes this, our systems can include literally thousands of unique identification marks or tags which can be permanently hidden within your property. A thief now has the impossible task of removing every single identification mark without damaging the stolen property to avoid the risk of detection whereas a Police Officer now only needs to locate and identify one or two of the marks to assist with a prosecution.

Datatag has made a major impact on reducing theft and the Crown Prosecution Service has a 100% successful prosecution rate when evidence has been supplied by Datatag. Our award winning systems are used to deter theft but increasingly they are being used as a valuable asset tracking system.

HAE Construction Industry Product of the Years Finalist 2017

Datatag Consumer Systems

datatag consumer systems

Datatag provide a wide range of systems for the consumer market such as motorcycles, cars, 4x4, marine and PWC, plus much more....

Datatag Commercial Systems

datatag commercial systems

Datatag provide a range of systems under the CESAR Scheme for construction plant and agricultural machinery, plus other commercial sectors....

Police / Law Enforcement Information Services

police and law enforcment services

We provide a range of services and specialist point of contact information for police forces, port / border authorities and law enforcement agencies....

Insurers / Finance Information Services

insurers and finance services

Datatag work closely with insurance and finance companies to provide them with information to aid in the issues of theft of all types of private and commercial markets.

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