Fuel Theft - The Problem!

Fuel Theft The Problem

Fuel theft is increasingly costing the UK tens of millions of pounds every year.

Rising Costs

Internal Fuel Theft





Is It Working?

The Solution

Solution - STOP Fuel Theft

The 7 steps to STOP fuel theft within your business.

STOP Fuel Theft
VENOM evaluation and request form

Contact Datatag and complete a VENOM evaluation and request form without obligation.

Datatag site visit

Step 2

Datatag site Visit

Datatag to complete a site visit or telephone call to verify information and establish the amount of signage required on site(s).

Venom quotation

Step 3

Quotation and Q&A

Datatag to provide formal quotation and answer any queries.

Venom order placed

Step 4

Order placed

Once an order is placed, Datatag will create the unique VENOM DNA code for your fuel.

Venom delivered with signage

Step 5

VENOM delivered

Datatag ship VENOM DNA code along with supporting signage as agreed.

Venom added to fuel

Step 6

VENOM added

VENOM to be added to fuel and signage to be affixed to vehicles, gates, bowsers etc.

STEP 7 - See results in fuel theft reduction...

Roadside Detection

Fuel Theft The Problem

How It's Done

Datatag VENOM has a very simple protocol to test at roadside for presence of VENOM in the fuel.

Stage 1

A sample of fuel is placed in a plastic tube to which we add a reagent and if VENOM is present there will be a change of colour.

Stage 2

If at this stage we are not confident we have a positive result, we can add a secondary reagent. Subject to a positive reaction, the in field test will be deemed as providing a positive result, and that Datatag VENOM DNA is present.

Stage 3

At this stage a secondary sample will be taken and sent to the laboratory for analysis to confirm the original VENOM DNA code and origination.



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  • Will my engine(s) be safe running Datatag VENOM?

    Yes, completely as the product is only dosed at 10ml per 1,000 litres so the mix ratio is tiny.

  • How much is VENOM?

    Pricing is dependent on a number of variable items, volume used per annum, signage required per site(s) and contract period.

  • Are discounts available for VENOM?

    Contract periods for 3 and 5 years offer even more cost effective solutions.