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Colne and West Craven Police have devised an innovative way to combat thefts of Land Rover Defenders by part-funding Datatag security systems.

More than 90 vehicles in Lancashire have been given the Datatag system, including quads and tractors, with around 50% being allocated to Defenders due to their particular vulnerability to thieves.

The scheme is backed by £5000 of funding awarded to Colne and West Craven Police by the Police & Crime Commissioner’s Office, using money derived from the seized assets of convicted criminals. 

‘We’re left with two options,’ says PC Nigel Keates (Beat Manager for Boulsworth, Foulridge & Colne Rural Community) who came up with the idea. ‘We either give it to the government, or give it directly to our taxpayers. I know which I’d rather do.’

The department was awarded £5000 despite originally asking for only £1000, such was the strength of their application. By reclaiming VAT and buying in bulk, PC Keates and his colleagues have made this £5000 effectively translate into £13,000 of discounts to those who take up the scheme.

The Datatag security system comprises a range of methods for identifying a stolen vehicle and its components, including: an ultraviolet ‘microdot’ fluid which uniquely identify the vehicle and can be applied to any surface, an acid etching kit with a security number, and two microchips (like those used to track a pet). 

For added security, PC Keates recommends combining Datatag with a tracking device, such as those offered by Skytag or Tracker. More ideas and advice about how to thiefproof your Land Rover, can be found by downloading a back-issue of our March 2015 Issue. Inside you'll find a three-page feature outlining the various ways you can keep thieves at bay.

All the Datatag kits are already allocated, but Keates is hopeful that more funding may be forthcoming next year. ‘It’s gone down really well among the taxpayers, and hopefully if we get enough public support we’ll be able to put in a strong case for another round of funding’. 

Please register your support for the cause by visiting Colne and West Craven Police’s Facebook page.

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