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British Showjumping is pleased to announce that, Datatag, the market leader in equipment security, has joined the sport as a Business Partner and their alignment will assist with the delivery of the sport's overall performance plan.

Datatag has been active in the equestrian market for some time but a recent increase in tack theft across the UK has prompted a new initiative, after requests from the police and other official bodies. Datatag employ a number of sophisticated security marking devices to protect equipment including Radio Frequency Identity (RFID) tags that can be read with special scanners, forensic DNA and Datadots®. Police in the UK are already equipped with hundreds of these special scanners that allow them to scan suspect items of equipment to see if they are tagged. The recovery rate for stolen Datatag marked equipment is up to 6 times that for unmarked equipment.

Datatag has two equestrian systems available and both are designed to act as a powerful deterrent against theft. The first is designed to protect one saddle with an RFID tag and a metal stud, an A5 warning sticker is also included in the pack. The second, more comprehensive, system is designed to protect 3 saddles and other items of tack. The ‘tack room' system contains a rigid A4 warning sign for the tack room door, 3 RFID tags, 3 metal studs and a phial of liquid forensic DNA containing a 1,000 Datadots® that can be used to mark other items of tack including bridles, head collars, rugs and stirrups. Datatag equestrian security systems are simple to install at home without any special tools.

Kevin Howells, Managing Director of Datatag ID Ltd, commenting on the announcement, said, "We're delighted at this opportunity to enter into a partnership with British Showjumping and to be able to work with members at all levels. Sadly tack theft is a growing problem with professional and opportunistic thieves targeting the unwary. Datatag equestrian security systems, which act as a powerful deterrent against theft, are a convenient and cost effective solution to the problem."

Maria Clayton, Head of Communications at British Showjumping further commented "We are pleased that Datatag has chosen to align with British Showjumping as a partner for the promotion of their Datatag equestrian systems. Datatag's products are already well respected within the equestrian market and having spent time with the company, we are thrilled that they felt that British Showjumping is the right partner for them".

The Datatag equestrian systems are available to buy directly from British Showjumping, please visit for more details. The systems will also be available at selected equestrian events.

For more information go to Datatag Equestrian Security System


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