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This week saw chief police officers from across the globe come together to attend the Interpol Global Conference on Vehicle Crime in Bangkok.  Interpol, the world’s largest international police organization, provides a high-tech infrastructure and technical and operational support to its 190 member countries to meet the growing challenges of fighting organised crime in the 21st century.

This very important security event was opened by Jose De Gracia, head of Interpol an opportunity for 140 specialists from the public and private sectors from 46 countries to come together to share intelligence and information on the challenges faced across borders. Building on the success of the first conference held in 2013, the event continued the global dialogue about the impact and threats of vehicle crime and highlighted the other “cause and effect” issues associated with it.

The organisers invited representatives from Datatag ID Limited to attend as platinum conference sponsors.  Datatag were given an opportunity to make a presentation to delegates about their latest innovative security products including, The MASTER scheme for the bike market, The COMPASS scheme for the marine market and the CESAR scheme, the world’s most successful security marking and registration scheme for Construction and Agricultural equipment.

Datatag MD Kevin Howells presented new developments to the CESAR Scheme and highlighted its success, contributing to a 70%+ reduction in equipment theft in the UK. Mr Howells also announced the developments regarding the newly launched Micro-CESAR system. This latest innovative system has been launched to protect small tools such as power tools, cut off saws, hand held hydraulic breakers and compaction plates and is set to make a similar impact as the official CESAR scheme.  As an added bonus to this innovative new system is the stock management, helping track tools in and out of jobs and access on-line health and safety advice and user manuals through the unique QR code and mobile enable micro-CESAR website

Micro CESAR like the official CESAR scheme is made up of state of the art Datatag technology including warning/registration labels, RFID tags, Datadots and forensic DNA. Most major equipment manufacturers, including John Deere, JCB and Massey Ferguson, have adopted CESAR. Major UK insurers offer up to 25% discounts for all CESAR marked equipment.

Also covered in the powerful presentation given by Mr Howells was the success of the bike industries official security and registration, Master scheme. The only official bike marking scheme supported by the police authorities in the UK and supported by all leading, manufacturers such as BMW, Honda and Kawasaki to name just a few.

Datatag ID Limited, also the power behind the COMAPSS Scheme on behalf of the British Marine Federation explained the success this scheme has had in protecting boats and outboards.

The Datatag presentation was well received by delegates who will leave Bangkok ready to explore the adoption of CESAR and other systems in their own territories which will help shape the future of tackling vehicle crime, which in turn will make the world a safer place.

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