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One of the UK's leading motocross race organisations has upped its declared war on motorcycle theft by partnering with the motorcycle industry's official security initiative, the MASTER Scheme.

The AMCA (Amateur Motorcycle Association) has always been proactive in efforts to prevent stolen bikes being used at its club events by offering members the chance to record their motorcycle's details against their membership records. However, with the launch of the Official MASTER Scheme in 2013, the organisation saw an opportunity to increase the pressure on bike thieves by checking for stolen machinery at meetings.

There are now over 100,000 new motorcycles protected with Datatag technology as part of the MASTER Scheme so the AMCA have embarked on a programme of random bike checks at Club and National Championship meetings throughout 2015 and beyond.

The first of these checks was held at the AMCA National Championships at Branston in Staffordshire last weekend. As bikes made their way to practice, Datatag staff supported by AMCA staff stopped and scanned them for embedded microchips, installed as part of the MASTER Scheme. Officials also recorded numbers on MASTER Scheme tamper evident warning labels. These identifying numbers were cross matched to the main MASTER Scheme database to check for any stolen reports, which would then be notified to the AMCA and Police for further investigation.

AMCA General Manager Sue Potts was delighted with how smoothly the day went, particularly the attitude of the riders who were stopped to have their bikes checked, "I need to thank all of our riders for their cooperation and enthusiastic support for our stolen bike operation at the weekend. Every rider was happy to have their bike checked and delighted that the AMCA are taking such a tough stance against stolen bikes," she explained.

"I want to send a loud and clear message to motorcycle thieves; the AMCA will not let stolen bikes be used at our events and we will continue our work with Datatag to ensure that bikes are checked regularly." continued Sue.

Dave Luscombe from Datatag, who assisted the AMCA at the weekend was very pleased with how the weekend went, saying "We checked over 100 bikes during the weekend and 70% were young enough to come with the MASTER Scheme technology so we have lots of data to check now. It was very clear throughout the day that AMCA members are keen to drive theft out of the sport and their support for Datatag and the MASTER Scheme is very encouraging. I look forward to working with the AMCA at future events and helping them maintain their position as the UK's leading motocross organiser"

KTM, Suzuki and Honda off road motorcycles are supplied with the MASTER Scheme installed as standard by the dealer, free of charge. Please ask your dealer for information about the MASTER Scheme and when buying a new bike, insist on MASTER Scheme.

Riders with new bikes that are not supplied with the MASTER Scheme as standard, or who have older bikes that are not protected by Datatag, can protect their bikes with the same level of security as the MASTER Scheme by fitting a Datatag Off-Road Motorcycle system. Available through all reputable dealers the system retails for just £59.99.

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