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After a spate of equipment thefts on various cross rail and infrastructure projects The Survey Association approached PANIU (Plant and Agricultural National Intelligence Unit) to discuss how they were winning the battle against plant and machinery theft.

Working with security marking experts Datatag, the power behind the successful industry CESAR Scheme, PANIU looked into the scope of thefts and the various equipments being targeted and together proposed a new combination of Datatag's multi layered technological approach to the board of The Survey Association at their annual AGM. Such was the response that the new Datatag Survey System was launched to all members of the association with Topcon being the first survey equipment manufacturer supply Datatag as standard with all their new total stations.

Dave Bennett, Business Manager of Topcon said "The theft of survey equipment is a real issue – not simply because of the cost of replacing it but more so the delays to a job as a result. Many of our instruments are already running with Topcon's own TS Shield, the world's first security and fleet management system for surveying equipment. Anything which further deters theft and allows companies to finish projects on time is a huge benefit. We are confident that the Datatag technology will have a major impact on helping to reduce instrument theft."

The new Datatag Survey System gives your equipment an electronic 'fingerprint' that can be used to mark a wide range of equipment.

  • High Quality Ultra Destruct Labels - These unique tamper evident asset management, ultra-destruct warning labels feature a unique number which also uses stealth UV etching to ensure the number is permanently etched even if the label is damaged or removed.
  • Datadots® - A superior microdot identification system developed for ease of use. The Datadots can be applied to any surface, thus making it virtually impossible for the criminals to locate and remove them all.
  • Datatag DNA – An invisible and unique chemical DNA solution. Criminals will have to be confi dent they have removed every molecule of Datatag DNA.
  • Warning Decal & Signs - These specially designed Datatag decals and signs indicate that your property is protected by a state of the art Datatag system and warn off potential thieves.

Chris Harrison, Sales Director at Datatag said "Our technologies have been proven to reduce theft in many markets including construction, agriculture, marine, motorcycle and cycle and as such is the power behind many industry backed security marking schemes. We are confident that our successes in these markets will be replicated here and that as a result companies will see the benefit of fitting Datatag very quickly - we are very pleased to see Topcon take the market lead in protecting their customers."

Datatag is recognised as being one of, if not the UK's leading anti-theft systems. The multi layered approach is far in advance of other systems and as such thieves know that Datatagged property is simply too hot to handle - once they see it is protected they will usually go looking for easier targets.

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