British Marine and Datatag's official COMPASS Scheme goes live to tackle marine theft


COMPASS (the Combined Official Marine Protection and Security System) which is powered by Datatag and British Marine is live and ready to help owners avoid theft of their marine outboards and boats.

Using the most advanced security marking technologies from Datatag, the UK’s most trusted security marking company, the COMPASS initiative is an outboard and boat security marking scheme which deters theft and aids recovery. Once a customer buys a qualifying outboard or boat from a supporting manufacturer, it will be delivered with the COMPASS Security System fitted as part of the package from the dealer. The system includes secure RFID transponders, tamper evident warning plates, ‘stealth’ UV etching and microscopic Datadots. All Datatag Systems are designed to protect assets for life - once installed they need no maintenance, servicing or re-application and importantly there are no additional payments required.

Existing owners can also benefit from the official COMPASS Scheme by buying the aftermarket system from their local boat dealer or chandler and fitting it themselves. Once installed, customers simply register their marked outboard or boat with Datatag online here:

British Marine and Datatag engaged in discussions with British Marine members and boat owners who have suffered from marine crime to ensure the scheme delivers the highest levels of theft deterrent and maximum identity protection possible.

As part of the launch of the scheme, British Marine has confirmed that Datatag will also undertake to manage and its historical records in conjunction with the official COMPASS Scheme website.

Kevin Howells, Managing Director of Datatag commented: “Typically the average boat is extremely vulnerable to theft, not only because of the limited identification offered, but also due to the fact that boats are easy to move whilst on trailers and the portability of many smaller outboard engines makes them an attractive target. We are pleased the official COMPASS Scheme is now live and can help many manufacturers and consumers alike avoid the unpleasant situation of being affected by marine theft.”

Sarah Dhanda, Member & Services Director of British Marine added: “British Marine hopes that the COMPASS initiative can help the industry towards preventing marine theft. We hope all British Marine members, manufacturers and owners take advantage of this protection that the Scheme offers.”

British Marine and Datatag's official COMPASS Scheme goes live to tackle marine theft L-R: Kevin Howells, Managing Director of Datatag and Sarah Dhanda, Membership & Services Director of British Marine